Upper School / Grades 7-12


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Class size/Faculty

High school classes average between 5–20 students per class. Seventy percent of full-time faculty currently have or are pursuing a master's degree.

School Day

High school classes begin at 8:30 am each morning. Dismissal is at 3:15 pm. Students may arrive as early as 7:15 am. A/B block schedule classes mirror college experience.

Accreditation & Diplomas

Cumberland is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International. Accreditation qualifies our graduates to receive the Hope Scholarship and assures parents that the school meets state standards for education. Cumberland offers high honors, honors, college prep, and general diplomas.

Ingressio/Joint Enrollment

Students may choose from dozens of online electives and online AP courses. See Student Handbook for policies. Additional fees may apply. Junior and senior level students may jointly enroll with a local college and take college courses directly at Cumberland; these classes receive a weighted GPA credit equivalent to an AP class.

College/Career Counseling

We take a hands on approach to college and career planning, actively working with each student and their parents to select and apply to a wide range of colleges. Our goal is 100% college acceptance so that every student has options. Seniors take the Life Plan course that teaches them how to apply for scholarships and aid, interview skills, writing resumes, budgeting, and how to do taxes. Our school counselor is certified in counseling and has an amazing team to help students with the transition to life after high school.

SAT Prep

Cumberland offers SAT prep classes to high school students. We administer SAT practice tests on campus.

High School Credit

Eighth grade students may take Algebra 1 for high school credit.


Duke University Talent Identification Program

This program identifies talented 7th grade students based on their outstanding performance on standardized achievement tests. Eligible students who join the Duke TIP program may take the SAT or ACT early and also participate in other academic opportunities throughout the year.

Pathways Connections

The Pathway Connections program offers eighth grade students testing to assess personality, spiritual gifts, learning styles, and career interest. Our professional school counselor will meet individually with each student and their parents to review their testing results. This testing information will help students as they transition to high school and will be utilized in their academic and college/career planning.


Enrichment offerings include: Student Government, Civil Air Patrol Corps of Cadets, Christian Worship 1, 2, 3, & 4; Music Theory, Music Appreciation; Pep Band; Photography, Filmmaking; Yearbook; Visual Arts; and Weight Training. Students may also qualify for academic and service honor societies such as BETA Club and Patriot Ambassadors.


Students participate in a wide variety of activities including field trips, retreats, and international and US mission trips.


Cumberland administers the PLAN test to 9th graders and the PSAT to grades 10 and 11. We offer these tests for the purpose of preparing students for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and the ACT (American College Test).

International Students

Cumberland accepts F1 students at the high school level.


Students wear Cumberland logo shirts with khaki pants or walking shorts. "Free dress" days may be allowed according to the administration's discretion as long as guidelines of modesty are followed. More specific information regarding dress code can be found in the Student Handbook.

Lunches/Morning Break

Lunches are available for an additional fee. Students may also bring sack or re-heatable lunches from home. The school day includes a fifteen minute break after second period. During this time the snack bar is open.


Cumberland is approved through the Georgia Department of Driver Services to allow students to take the Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program (a requirement for obtaining a GA drivers license) electronically (online). Students must contact Sherry Campbell orJan Cooper if interested. This course is offered to Cumberland students for no additional fee.

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2019 Prom and Graduation Photos

Photos are available to view and download compliments of Brian Weaver Photography. 

2019 Graduation

2019 Prom


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"I love this school because the education is centered around Christ. You get to know all the teachers and all the students and you become great friends. We have a close knit community here at Cumberland."

"It felt really good to get accepted to college before Christmas my senior year. Cumberland helped me alot with the application process."

Upper School Staff

Lee Campbell, EdD

Upper School Principal, College Guidance Counselor, Senior Bible and 8th Explorer

Cathy Chambers

Administrative Assistant for College Guidance & Principal, Student Life Aide


Jan Cooper

International Students, Homeschool Students, Registrar


Virginia Glover

Administrative Assistant to Athletic Director


Gabe Neal

Assistant Worship Leader, Website Development


Wendy Payne

Upper School Technology Support


Amanda Rose

Senior Upper School Administrative Assistant


Mary Elizabeth Voyles, MEd

Assistant to Principal, Curriculum Management, Student Life, Student Government, SAT, Applied Problem Solving,  Explore Instructor


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  • Upper School: 4961 Brownsville Road, Powder Springs, GA 30127

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